Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Lovely Girl

I had Seen Her in month of MARCH 2015 that month all of sudden I dont Know what happened to me . She Looks pretty beautifull , previusly she is stranger to me .

Every day i travel through Bus , i noticed her coming from the lane With Glasses on her eyes , full covered Chudidar & a samsung headset On top of her she put a Chunni she walks . She was quite different from other girls according to me Other girls may expose or may not be coz its our eyes its our thinking its our mind makes n say to heart  that girl is hot . Though sgirls might or may not know this .


My self shekar holding a b.tech in EEE working in a MNC Company. My life is miserable what i dream it wont come , but it will come in future thats y i say my life is miserable . I am dreaming of this girl who is 22 years i guess she was the first girl whom i seen her eyes only till now . But not body Firstly when i see a girl i will see her assets first then i come to her then i open my mouth wide n say how hot she is ..

But it is not happened when i seen my angel i was fallen in love with her eyes n nexy her dress . But u may think i am Dumb , may be but i am a true lover i love her so deeply that . if i hadn't seen her one day it is like small boy crawling on the floor for that thing i am also like that .

She was so beautifull in Black color dress she looks absolutely angel of my life . My life is ditcehd with bloody tensions , Job all the fish things . But when i see her all will be gone some where . She is like ZANDU BALM , Pain reliever for me . Though i m going in hard times her smile is enough for me .

That day was friday i planned to visit "Pedamma Temple " located in Banjara Hills powerfull God . So me n my colleague planned for a visit to temple . He said to stand at safilguda he resides over there it is 20 min from my Home. But to see my girl i lied to him i said i already crossed safilguda .

It was 09:45 am It was the daily time for her coming through her lane walking towards paradise bus stop . So i planned whole night started from my home at 09:00 reached by there 09:20 actually it was lenghty way it will take almost 30 to 40 min but....

Monday : Nope i Dint see her

Tuesday: Copy - Paste

Wednesday: Yay.. Unfortunately i Missed her her in morning , But i was sleepy on that day i was tired . It was 06:50 Pm its a cold smokey evening.. I had rubbed my eyes something is flickering in my heart i suddenly woke up n see what the hell is going on .. But the same feeling is happening twice again.. Then i see my girl going towards her lane.. With ear bud's in her ear's adjusting her hair.. Walking seriously towards her lane.. wow i thought my day is awesome it end's happily..

Thursday: same copy paste from TUESDAY.

Is it what we called love.. How exactly i know that she is coming towards me isn't sounds weird.. Like they show in movies .. May be i call that as love.. i seen many girls walking around me .. never i felt but when she goes i can feel her..

may be tHese Friday hope i see her...

Friday Gone.. Saturday sunday week off.

18/08/2015 : Unforgettable day

Monday i was wandering she wilbe .. My heart shows zero signal it means she's not there near my surroundings.

Tuesday : No

Wednesday i woke up at 4 planned to go for a walk , i set my alarm @ 415 am it ranged @ 415 , then i again re-set at @430 to wake up @445 finally i woke up @630 like every day .. Then i started my journey .. 

It was the destination or for me Holy place , i seen my girl today on 18/08/2015 , after a long gap i seen her .. Adjusting her Golden black hair 

U all got doubt what is golden black , u might even call it as golden brown . My girl is different , n others... TodaY She adjusting her chudidhar n walking on the mud road.. I just opened my eyes not my mouth ahhh .

Well isn't she only visible isn't she born on earth or born for me ,, I imagined in my dreams my wife should be so n so.. she is exactly perfect ..  Traditional look , long hair n modern too .. i had no words to express about how happy i felt today .. May be if she became my wife . thats it i dont want anything.. Just she n me .. Planning to talk with her .. i dont know when that day comes .. Hope i plan one day n rob her eyes towards me .. so that she can remeber me at least a second in a day ..

My holy place is at wesley college near Begumpet , there will be a temple she will be coming near that , its like my whole life waited for her .. N in turn god gave me good gift .. Thank u god i dont want aishwarya rai nor neha sharma .. she's is enough for me she's my life .. she's my dream i waited for n i waiting for it....

Wednesday : 19/08/2015

May be today can i able to see her.. What if today i missed her .. Woke up at 4 still feeling sleepy after a hot shower.. Finally destination i mean my holy place had came finally .. 

She came in Red black mix chudidhar adjusting her hair , may be today is the first time as i seeing her from a long time ,, she never see anything on road , not even pedestrians , nor nay cinema posters side of the road nor any on going vehicles .

            Her vision is just her work location .. she will be going with a headset in her ears.. It's like i want to go near her ears n whisper loud that I Love you my girl.. I have been waiting for this moment from a long time....

Shekar wake up it's dream buddy.. Uff i don't know when it will happen for real . I guess till now she din't see me but i capture every second while she was moving .. She is perfect in her dress or her hair or any thing not even a single i can point that this is bad .. Why  i will point she is a god gifted angel for me...

Hope this Thursday i seen her capture more..

Thursday (20/08/2015) :

I wished to see her , Unfortunately i dint seen her ,  i finished my work as soon as possible . Came to the bus stop at right time , n started .. May be Thursday was unfortunate to me . Morning i missed her n same happens in evening .. 

       I was so much excited that i had no words to express my happiness or excitement but when holy place ( Destination) came she was not there . Right that time , there was a power failure n it was partially cloudy .. Oh god y again .. I promised to my friend that i will show my angel to her but it din't happened , that promise went some where beyond my eye sight. 

Now it's time for Friday to see her..

Friday (21/08/2015):

It's shravana masam one of the favourite month for me , U know why this month favourite for me . I can see each n every girl in a traditional attire , looking stunning awesome . I wish my girl would be i prepared my day to see her every thing was perfect i prayed to god she should come as i was going ..

Today also i missed her .. may be i think today it's friday one of the Holy day for us . She was doing pooja for me i guess for my long life i guess .. Shekar u thinking more than expectations buddy.. what ever it may be 

One more thing today my favourite star Kick 2  releasing , i want to go but i had taken a vow that if i go to movie i will go with my girl friend & with y future wife. It's been four Years , My last movie was Robo released in October  2010 Now it's 2015 till now i din't went movies because i had taken vow right . I will wait few more years n then i will go to movie . so many invitations came so many people forced me to go movies but i denied all some people think i am mad... Yes i am mad buddies i am a true lover that's it..
Oh girl do more pooja i will be so  nice to you that u might think or may be feel jealous that when i am side of u talking with other girl .. Hope that day comes meet u asap.. Love u take care.


Monday , Tuesday  , not even a sign of her on the lane.

Today , i was thinking will i she her or not . I was praying in my heart " jai mata di " for a while , then all of sudden she goes wearing red top n black leg in .. How beautiful she is god had made her perfect for my sake i guess .. 

While i observing her , I noticed she is suffering from flue oh lovely girl u look so sweet when u breath taking up into your heart , I wish that heart is my home for ever n ever ,,

27 , 28,29,30,31 & tOday 1st New month new  hopes but  i dint seen my charming queen not even once.. I kept binoculars in my eyes zooming around her streets .. wondering from which side she gonna come.. But not even a single sign even today also i waited but she dint came.. may be her timings changed or me ( am i rushing out early to office)..

today i stopped near Neru's saree mall seeing at the showcase doll's , They were about 10 dolls displayed near the shop surroundings , there sarees was awesome.. i was imagining her in my heart n thinking which saree is the best alomost in 10 sarees she look so perfect.. i wish that she shouldn't commit to any one nor i .. we both made for each other luckily i dont have any "paternal cousin" .. may be god made for her that'y in thousands of girls i can recognize her so easily..

But she always looks cool calm she dint even smiled that's what i am looking in you girl.. U should smile at me , u should be anger at me .. i am afraid to go n talk to her ,, I built some plans in my mind in movie it works but what about in reality does it works.. 

God is the director , we are actors my love  story should be a platinum block buster hit..

Miss independent i love u so much be with me .. i shall promise you i will be yours for ever , i dont need any one more rather than for u i am n for me you are... so sweet na hope u will read my blog one day & give a big hug for me..


After a long holiday , i rubbed my eyes day started new day , new month , new wishes in my heart as  i wish always to see her.

May be god heard my prayers it was a busy day time is around 09:45 AM , iT was a Red signal , i am waiting near the signal.. 

In my play list " Sakhi" Movie song is playing Pachadaname pachandame 

pachamdaname pachadaname
toli toli valape pachadaname

 It was my favourite song of all the time , Then there she goes today it's tuesday she wearing a long chudidhar yellow wow.. Isn't she pretty today than daily..? She wearing flower buds like ear cuff's her ear budd's were so pretty .. its like i want to play with them.. she was so cute today i want to take her face in my hands & want to see her like that for a years i guess .. she was so sensitive that i guess she got cold today even me also suffering from cold ..

We both cold because of her i got cold , i always sleep beside her walk beside her catch her hands .. in Dreams i wish that day would come true as soon as soon as possible.. When i writing all this memories in these blog one eye has tears & other eyes has love i dont know why.. 

I am damn crazy about her.. Today i seen her legs , first thing i searched in her legs is certificates .. Dont go crazy what certificates .. What i am talking is in my language .. Ladies when got married they keep some ring like to their legs .. i Call it as certificates that it is sign that ladies are married..

Luckily my girl is not .. How ever for that certificates i am the owner she is y girl.. Lol Fuck it .. My girl u are so sweet one day i will kiss u say to this world i love u so much u mean to me a lot..

I wish i could u see u tomorrow 

One of my friend has asked me Will u keep ur promise to that girl.. ? Or in future if any girl  came will u fly with her..? My god its so hard to predict the future . What comes around, What goes around now or ever out in future.But just i want to say to my friend or any one who ask me she is enough for me , even though aishwarya rai or amisha patel come n run towards to me .. i go away from them..

But the story writer "Lord Brahma" don't know what he has written in my career ,I hope that he will make my true love success . Coz i guess he also a fan of true love . i am just a actor in his movie Director is god I WILL DO WHAT DIRECTOR SAYS& story demands , Hope my love story should be silver Jubilee Hit. I had one heart she's locked in that , None can break or open that lock.. It is protected with love , care some time feelings with tears also.

It's been two weeks no sign of her  it's raining i guess she leaving early.  I had to catch her I planned to meet her , But if she suddenly come in front of me i might run.. In my language it's called as love fear i had a problem with that . 

I hope tomorrow i see her 

Last night i was talking with my mom she said she is looking matches for my mama (* Don't know what to call in English" I am a poor kid in grammar)

I saID Ma East Godavari West Godavari Girls will be super like a nature search there it will be best she asked Son if you do any mischief things i break ur bones again & again.

I laughed & said i am a small boy ma Just i heard it from my friends mouth . I never seen girls from iut there .. In my mind they are roaming in saree .. NAture is always beautiful like my little girl


wHAT I Dreamed of it will never be true , I expected something in return i get something . I will get that when work is done.

Uff hate all ... even friends or colleagues or relatives .. None is important for me x-cept my parents n god ..

Lord Ganesha & sri krishna be with me  as u know my total friends are dumb.. Hope u know me & understand my heart ..

I wish that My girl is also will be like me 

oLD Style is searching for happiness in friends smile now things gotta changed searching for my happines in my self . Don't care about others Just be what you are . Then others will know what you are .. Who you are..? It might took some time for them to know coz..                             They have little pea sized brains... Lol..   

Totally a big physic day ended without seeing her... I feel something low I need an energy which boosts up me each n every second. ..

What  it is ?? I feel inappropriate for the job which I doing .. I need a break 

Time is now 646 on these is the time you return to your home from office... I don't know how you maintain that fresh look on that face while other girls they go washroom twice thrice put lip glooser make up... but i never got attracted to them ...but u i got addicted to you... yeah I take drugs .. it's you you are my love drug.. there is no medicine a to escape from this drug..m except you come n marry me... daily one movie I will show in home .. every scene will n an romantic adventure ha ha ..  I crossed your lane I guess you are doing pooja to our Lord Ganesh ok pray baby for me ..sure i come n marry you .

 Pray to God to give me high amounts of love energy because you are amazing from toe to your golden blackhair...everything in you will add extra beauty to you... hope that if I join we will shake all the things
I have tried everyday waiting for you honey... but that time when your coming ..Time making me to escape from you.. I am just one step closer.. I have tried every day waiting for you...

My darling don't get afraid time will find you .. n there will be no more distance between u n me love u so much... hope to see you soon ..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙



Time is around 10:54pm my mind saying to sleep but my heart is not caring my mind action..I don't know at this time what I gonna write.. I am shivering I don't know I am well or not am I suffering from thing.. God knows I pray to God that I should not being any trouble to my parents either in health or anythibg because they are the ones who know the real in me

I guess one day my baby will read this blog hope she cries n thinks of me for a second..

It's been there weeks never seen her or she never left a any sign of her.. I had courage to go n talk to her.. but when she comes n stood by me all it goes some where like a fly ash we can't catch that... I always want to respect a girl I don't want to spoil her reputation or fame in her area u
Y because ir any id get family friends or anyone seen her while u following.. it will be a bad thingib my baby's path so that's the reason not doing any mischief or tapora things..

People around me are so weird that they will never or ever understand me ... I tried to be jovial or funny with them but with their they loose me .. well I am not a big shot or any celebrity but shekar is always shekar no.one can ever replace me...

My love is unconditional I am strange but weird I looks like in descent from our but i always love you like how much I need you.. I kept a time of 11:15pm to write something now time is 11:05 now i feel ok. .

I was dreaming to shift to paradise where I can trace the address of her with out aNy one help coz  all R busy with their dumb asswork...lol getting angry on the people whom I am text its waste of time or any shit

It's better to learn something rather than texting to shit. . I am not a lovable type once if I like something I won't leave it untill n unless till it comes to me.. my dream is my girl n next a skoda superb car n next a duplex villa where my baby sits I will do all the house hold work for her..are there any guys like me might be there but they are not like me .. you know baby I am like a cyclone I won't seat in one place I will ne moving moving don't know where I gonna settle n comfortable  my self .. my dad mom used to scold me .. when I am having myweekend's in home my mom says you can't just sit one second idle in home in office how u gonna manage..

Office is mine mom I am the king n boss ib God its11:14 tik tok. . Now at this midnight my neighbour baby crying May be she want to see Tom n Jerryoh God she screaming a lot..

Good night done for the Day


Wow what a perfect morning... I had seen my baby after a long n long time... but while u seeing her branch of a tree has covered her pretty golden Sun shine face. . Thank u God at last for a few seconds I seen her.

It was exactly 09:45 am she is pretty quick, actually at that time she should be near Wesley college. . But st clearing her way fast &approaching her destination as much as quick as possible..

Wow what a lovely pretty face may be she is the first n last girl that I had seen her face n heart not a eye sight on her body..

May be now i can say it's not attaction it is called as love. ..

Now I had a heart in that I lock my baby so that no one couldn't see her except me..

Today may be she feeling cold I guess she put  her sccarf on her body this is the first time she seeing the road ..other wise her eye sight was always on her destination she doesn't see vehicles or pedestrians or any shit .. she will n walking walking walking..May be I guess she missing me .. hope that she recognize me one fine day.


My god she moving fast than earlier.. previusky she used to move at 950 now it's 940 she crossed half of the waY...Our of the 100 girls or public standing at bus held I finally managed to see her .. my eyes stopped onher but i don't managed to take a pic of her...

I wooed up at 420 went for jog n dresses up early planning to start.. so every day I drink petrol. . Without petrol vehicle can't run.. same happens to me without "Tea" my day won't start...

So i started making tea I wander I don't know how tea has spilled all over the floor kind a shock for few seonds .. so immediately cleaned all the floor n vessels where tea has spilled it took me almost 45 min ..if my mom sees she gonna bang my head n bones so no tea nothing almost like every day time I strayed but i seen her that's the happy moment. .

She is my drug she is my tea one day I drink her all the lovefrom her heart. she had a Samsung phone almost phone size is similar to my phone size phone Color Is white mine black black n white always makes a perfect couple our phones had shown that n i wander when we make a perfect couple.

She doesn't need any make up or any fair n lovely cream or may be she doesn't even need to bath.. she always looks fresh I never seen her lip stock on her pretty lips or not even lip grosser.. wow what a wonder beautiful Angel I got after awaiting for 24 years so finally God heard my prayers gifted her to me..


It's been a long time i dint seen her due to some health issues i sticked to my home .. It's like Someone tied me to a pole and i have been trying to escape from that rope .. finally i am out but symptoms still sticked to me .. i am wandering when i will be free from this health issues because of this i am missing my girl .. wELL If she's beside me i will recover asap in a coupleof day s may be in hours .. ha ha Lol thats Crazy..

I have been missing those smile when she smiles its like Rainbow has laid on her lips showing the true colors from her heart where her smile is true from her heart not the dumb smile or fake one normally people used to give i hate that .. This is also one of the reason i have been attracted to her.

She is gorgeous when she wear a dark silk saree n glasses on her eyes n hair should be loose i am waiting for that momemt i want to take a selfie with her showing to world that she is my better half ..

People should get mad or cry by seeing me beside of her they should think how that girl has fallen in love with shekar(me) ha ha Oh god please give that wonderfull cheering moment where my friends should cry i enjoy with her take a selfie with my queen.


 I  dont know it's been a long n long time no trace of her i moving quickly from my home but still cant nake it to her . Is she in the city or does she relocating like me.. Yeah even i am relocating sooner i am gonna miss her . But I dont know what to do is career important or my girl.

My answer is always career first if we win over career then i can run back of my girl with a pay slip in my hand & love in other hand .  So that i can give guarantee to her parents that i am a well suited groom . Lol , may be it happens in future i dont know what god has written in my future.

But since from few days my eyes are not turning towards other girl it was deeply busy in searching for my angel because my eyes feel thirsty once if i see her i can capture all her beautiful smile in my heart n eyes so that my day goes good . 

My eyes became like a cell phone battery ny eyes will be full charged when i see her , my eyes became drained when i miss her overall i need charging now as soon as possible. Hope my charger charges me   


It's been a long time dint seen her coming on the time but she will be bot there at that time , evening she goes to home at 7 i was eagerly waiting her return to home then also i am unable to find her on the busy streets.

There will be ton's of girls or woman walking on the streets but my eyes always search for her . She exactly match the requirements of the girl which i have been dreaming since my childhood .I always see her eyes n hair always that are the most  lovable moment  while she walking . Till now she never figured out me but may be in future i am the key to open her heart lock.


Ahh...After a long time I seen my girl she is wearing pink dress today like a angel she coming towards me ... sorry sorry towards her office she is going it's good  to see her after a long time that boosts my day very well than earlier.. Hope i see my girl each n every second in future  .. She is the only thing i need i love u honey


Why do girls look pretty when they wear spectacles .. Why i am asking my self to me why & why ?  The moment when i see her even she was wearing glasses  with golden brown hair ahh no words to express her beauty & charisma .. May be that is the reason i feel in love with her so many girls would cross by me in front of my eyes but this girl is too dangerous ..

                 With her eye sight she gonna kill me .. waiting for the moment that one day she will drive the bike i will sit her back catch her body .. she gonna race bike in speed of 80 or 90 may be but silently i will sleep on her back it's like she is driving all away to heaven you & me will make a perfect couple girl .. R u ready for it..? 


I was my self talking to God.. oh God what US this...? It's been a long n long time no eye sight of her please God show some mercy I am not loving her body nor anything just loving her truely from heart.. you help all people please help me this poor lovely who is deeply love in with that mysterious girl..

Don't know her name phone no nor any info regarding her ..

Finally found you girl I was looking for you this was the song i was listening on my way to office sang by Enrique ... but God had heard my prayer .I seen her today walking towards the main lane infront of temple she silently prayed to God with eyes then she started 

God she was so beautiful who said that aishwarya rai or Angelina jolie is b eautifull without make up my girl looks pretty with sub shine glowing lips n eyes ..Today she was wearing  blue top n white leggin her body was covered with scarf ..Her scarf looks like a armor that protects her from cold n some bad looking eyes lol ..my girl is so damn sweet..love it 

One day will come sure I will marry her..


Today while i crossing my heaven lane I noticed that beside of the lane a club is there namely Zoroastrian club.. a couple I getting married today I am afraid who is that girl..

I don't know my girl name nor any details of her ... I am afraid who is that girl going to get married today...

Every thing needs  a perfect strategy well I planned everything but problem is that I don't know how to approach her ... If I go walk in directly n say I love you every girl gets surprised n get anger .. I don't want to do that because  first impress is always the best to score marks in her heart.

God help me please make my true love successful. . I changed God I will be on my vow now on wards I assure that to you.


Today may be few  days I have learned that strangers are the best people rather than friends or colleagues whom I am having round my clock. .. The reason behind is simple friends or colleagues who looks for opportunity or time to use you..

When it comes to strangers they always love to help u what ever the situation May be they are loyal n lovely ...

May be my stranger my anonymous girl + friend makes me happy better than my social friends .. Today I had seen her after a longgggg time , May n I should write the word long much more longer its too long .. I should hub her a warning in despite she will give a serious walk or look .. lol I don't want that as I always say first impression or may be second for me score high marks in her heart.. I want that marks 

Though this marks are very mean to me my 12th b.tech marks don't helped either in any way but my girl marks are meant to be a lot..

I don't know when I will.meet my stranger girl who is far better than all girls in the world who had the better dressing sense then all the girls.. even when a boy (All boys are brothers for her through our the world except me ) sees her he won't get any negative thoughts she looks that stunningly beautiful may be I should call the world devotional ..

I don't want any skirts or jeans but i need my girl who I traditionall cute lovely. .


Oh God , today i missed her . I started early to my office felt very bad .. u know my heart feels something i dont know how to express it .. When i felt that i will see the time , time shows it is 09:45 may be that is the sign of arrival , so my heart guess that early .. May be tomorrow i can see her i can capture her fully into my eyes into the heart. 


It's karthika pournmai every where i see all girls looked beautiful in their traditional attire. I wanna see how my girl looks lik quite xcited  ..  I wanna hear what her edge of her lips say to me .. i was wandering when that moment will be .. Like other's i dont wanna drop u in middle , Once if i committed in a relation ship , i willl fight with any one n grab u make u mine forever that much i love you . Hope u understand me one day & search for me 


Oh my god & as well as my goodness how beautiful isn't she.. suprised by seeing her almost a few metres gap.I love her a lot I guess she's all alone that's mt good luck.. she wearing black hand bad n her sandals are black n with a rose design on top of her sandals . She had a cool lovely taste.. I never seen her lips applying any lip glosses or lip stick ...her lips are like pink rose petals saying my name . 

I noticed that she is sad today don't know the reason why.. I don't see that charm in her as daily I was seeing in her.. 

May be she had some problems ..oh my lovely lady don't worry when shekar is here , you have no fear.

I may not be a good lover but i may be a  good author to describe her beauty..

What else by God's grace she shouldn't have Any bf or ex..? Or may be any damn relatives .

I should only marry her n rewrite the history n want to be a example of perfect couple . I want to hug her n tell her honestly that you're so beautiful waiting for the day.

Tears are Rollins down since from years but can't find my better half . I hope that God written in script that she will be my wife. Please make God I will be so thankful to you. I don't need any Benz bmw or any dowry.. all I need that I am telling honestly I love her god 


Since from thanks giving day I din't seen her it made me some what low in my self. Time is 09:17pm IST cold wind blowing out. But i feeling sad , all around me are happy but i wore a smile mask around them & acting ,May be this time time I deserve the Oscar for best acting award

I don't know what to call her ..I don't even know her name nor any social things about her.

 sometimes I rename her into lakshmi, or sruthi or pooja .. its my wish because I don't stick into a particular mood or a particular type of person. .

I love her a lot don't know when we will be one.. I just seen a movie in that one actor has said that of Eshwar has written nine can break them.. May be my god.eshwar has written thatsy I seen a lot of change in my self .. Ha  ha because I know my true color when we stop doing bad things when we stop our eye sight on other girls it makes us a real men .. even when  girl comes n sit I don't bother not a more coz she is not my girl ..

My girl should sit beside me it is reserved for my girl previously I used to flirt or make any anonymous retires now i don't even bother ..

I just kept my head phones & search for my girl thatsy  my duty if i find her I dance by self screaming into.my self when I don't find her its like 10000 Energy drinks won't replace that's energy like.previous .


It's 03:08AM in the morning ,  i went upstairs to see how mid night looks in scary dark night???

wow its a superb spot or time it was a cold breeze passing through my heart , remembering my girl . I dint seen her since from a week , it was so hard to express that pain in form of words.

Actually every day i prepared my self to see her with all energy i put it in my eyes searc for her each & every corner without eye blinking , It is so hard because we had to move our eyes 360 degrees round the clock , if we miss a single frame it is so hard to recollect that . So when my angel stop is near i pause all my work even interview calls also i put on hold for my baby.

One week it is like a hell every day i am missing her , dont know the reason why.. My bad luck is i am into night shifts now for a couple of days i am gonna miss her again & again.

Ok let me come into the point directly in this cold climate beside us girl friend there means it will better than a coffee , sweeter than sugar. where i can talk with her see in her eyes  touch her pretty golden hair .

Actually i think my girl is a doctor or she may belongs to medical field , my dream is that my wife should be a doctor also looks like same , even if she dint belong to that field . I will go where she is currently working i will do whatever & how ever i can & grab a job over their .

But we planned all dont know what god has written.

I love you my girl & thank u god for showing her.


Today i had seen her after a long gap, Its like there is no water in the river a fish is waiting for the rain fall . Even same kind of reaction i seen  in my self when i seen her after a long time.

Today she wore a green top & a black leggin , I never seen anyone who wore a perfect dress frankly she looks stunning , even i had worse taste of dressing . I got my rack & see  what my eyes found out & wear that's  all.. 

I got a fear in my mind constantly running all over the day to a normal girl there a lot of proposals as i seen now but whereas when it comes to my girl there will be a huge competition oH god that is really weird..

Oh god please heard my prayer no boy should see her excludes me in that list,, I only should see her that my angel should see me only & she should love me only.. Please accept my prayer my lord i will be thankful to u

N god i promise u that  i only love her i will keep her all the time please put my love into her heart god hope she accepts me & god give some tips & tricks to crack her heart.. she is the reason god thats y i dint committed to any one & i wont commit also ..

she is my life 

she is my breath

she is my everything. 


Today I fixed in my mind that I should take a snap of her , I was ready with My eye lens fixed focus on her .. Unfortunately I took all damn shots but not my baby girl pic damn it..

As Friday is a super day it is a goddess laxmi day I love this day coz tomorrow weekend starts but two days i miss my girl 

I was ready with My phone but she is far distance I am in a cab couldn't   captured my lady in my phone...

But i captured in my heart which is a permanent storage device with lots of love to her..Surprisingly today she looks stunning awesome top to down black dress even her heels also black
. I am also black lol.. even Lord Krishna also black but i loved radha truely from his heart.. I am also kinda same ..

She was so adorable today I always carry headphones with me because music ir my second girl friend first girl friend is she ..

I don't seen her without headphones but in my heart a fear is constantly running every girl is in relationship with dumb. .but I guess my baby will be alone & waiting for me ..

Oh God one more request please reserve my girl heart for me only please my Lord please 

I wonder if she is a Doctor she can cure lot of patients with Our medicines because with her smile n beauty she can do anything 

I don't know when I will will be be Hero for her but one thing I will stand by you baby forever what ever the situation is .. you can take the breath in me  whenever u need


Yeah !!! Yeah !!!!!! I located her work place as a part of plan I narrated my self .. sorry God narrated. . Next thing I locate to which firm she has been working .. her job role..?? Her experience n etc...

Everything is going according to the tasks which I have marked my self ..

God be with me as none there to guide me or help me so you're are my  driver to my girl please kindly drop me me near to her ..

I will make u proud God & show to world what is true love . I will set me & she has perfect example to the world.


Wow!!! What a day , she is damn pretty today.. My eyes are unable to forget the beauty of her..

God she is so beautiful , I bet damn sure she has a lot of proposals . Who gonna leave the beauty alone now a days I am afraid there may be along queue at her work place.

I know she will reject all because I may be her first priority than others..

Oh girl don't worry I will come Rob your heart , please lock your heart while u proposing you , I will unlock it .. I am pretty sure I will rob you whatever it is doeant matter I kept my eyes locked at you ..you can't run away from me 

Let me be your HERO.

Today for the first time I had seen your lips its glowing more than 92.7KDM  gold ..

Ha I wish not a kiss from your lips but i wander first you call my name ..I will be happy then  we think about pretty lips & I will research & do practical experiments on your lips ..


I am waiting for the day , staring at the calendar when I will be your fiance .


Where the hell you came from..? I got addicted like you drug & couldn't able to concentrate on anything .. Even the fellas who addicted to drug has some solution but my problem & solution is you only.. 

Everyday when time is @09:44 I bet my eye's are searching for you only , their may be thousands walking on boulevard but my focus is on you only  .. 

Why you look so prettier than everyone else..? Why my heart is concentrating on you only..? Why i have been single for so long time...?  I am 24 still single none believe that .. 

Well kids around 13 to 14 are having multiple Gf's  but me i had written a a bond to my heart that i will stick for you only.. It doesn't matter how long .. But one day you will be mine forever.. 

My hands on your Hip's & my kiss on your lips.


I haven't seen her from a longgggggggg time don't know how many G's I should keep. .

  But today I'm writing because I have seen her today after a longgggghg time , but problem is that my baby is on rush today.Normally , She will be going @945 but today she entering into office premises early. Thank God I have see  her.

I dint seen her face only from back I recognized her She s like pretty everyday & I'm clear to my heart it's not infatuation & it's love .. coz infatuation won't wait for 8 months it keeps on twisting on search of another girls .

My love is true hope I will make it .I asked my colleague regards how to approach her directly I can't go & say I love young she will shocked & I'm pretty sure her hand print will be on my cheeks ..

He just laughed  & said without knowing anything about that girl how can you love blindly .. though my answer is poor i just replied to fall in love should I ask her social security no orbank account no..

Well love happens once for all but for me  twice thrice because every time I see her I fall in love with her .. May be she's the girl for.me I never seen in her dreams coz if I seen her in dreams that's it  my dream won't come true it's my belief 

 I noticed her office premises it's a 12 story building   there were around 17 offices I have to work out where she leads to ???

Hope I will find soon 

Damn it....Outside all people roaming with their girl friend's but me roaming with my phone in one hand & wandering where my girl is..? 

                   It's been a longg time i dint seen her coming early & waiting but it is of no use.. it's almost 1 month i guess it's time for me to take a step forward to meet or greet her ..

God help me even a 13 14 year kid has a lover but me 23 still single i know god you're searching for me a good girl friend .. Listen god my love is true just give me a chance to prove my love to her ...

     i will do it but i need luck ,, i know god you will give me .. Because you're god .. How ever my love is not attraction or infatuation .

God i will ask you one question daily i will see  hundred's of girl but for one girl also mu heart dint stopped but when i see my girl my heart will fly like any thing.. it's like i want to adore her hug & show to the world she's my wife..

i dont want to maintain a secret relationship god like other's do everything comes from heart directly.. i love you i love you  

Ohh god one more request boy's shouldn't stare at my girl not even for a single second i knew she wont see other boys'.. coz her vision & mission on me.. ha ha 

i love you honey i am waiting for the moment  to meet you   


Yay..yay i had seen her today .. perfect timing but problem is that she came like a thunderstorm disappeared in a matter of a.seconds ..

But however I captured her that's enough for me to run this day with more love for her .. I haven't seen anygirl who is perfect in her attire & each everything thanks to God for creating such beautiful lady for me .. I LOVE YOU GOD

But I don't know when in real I gonna catch her in my arms 😍😍😍

I call her as miss perfect silently in my heart when shes walking nearby me .. But world thinks that to miss perfect a perfect groom ks well suited . I deserve that ..

 I can't say that I'm perfect I don't have a job with handsome package like as she do .. I don't have a six pack.

But all the time I thought about you you gave me love ^ you set the fire in my heart .. when I see you my heart always after a long waiting God gave a handsome girl 23 years,  now a days 13 year kid having gf .. lol me I'm mad fellow sticked to her , thinking of her . I know it's impossible but why don't I take a chance & grab her heart 


Babe you're so beautiful today I see you while you adjusting your dress when cool breeze is passing with you ... I know we both are traveling in opposite directions to our offices but our destiny is one direction babe. 

Don't know what to say , how to say February 14 th is near all couples will be busy in celebrating in Valentine's Day but you & me will celebrate single but committed day .. It's quite different  babe be my wife I won't promise  you that I will love you till and or like others I won't build Taj Mahal ....

One thing I guarantee I love you till my last breath praying to God that he should laid a road directly towards your heart . Planned a lot but I'm a shy person but soon I will delete that shy& be brave in front of you .. 

You're my destiny , you're my love.


I know i am late & its been too long that I've not updated my blog.. apologies..

First of all my health is not good that's the main reason now i am ok.. but symptoms still hunting me like a night mare lol.. & my angel i j haven't seen her since from Jan 25th 2016 dont know where she is ?? i am worried about my cute little princess . She's replica of goddess her eyes & her hair hair .. For the first creator of universe done a fabulous job , he  has given me beautiful parents & next comes my angel..

I don't know whether i will marry her or not but YES YES YES YES i will marry her ... i fixed my heart & eye sight on her . i wont leave her that easily i will hunt her & i will be her husband , she will be my dazzling princess for ever .. God bless me with my angel side of me .. I will be back soon


I still had doubt on her.. Is it she?? Dude , she became thin after a long & long & long time I'm seeing her . She became thin her hair became so loose .. God , please take care of my girl till I come.

In my mind lot of confusion is going on You know why previously she had a Samsung white color mobile now I have noticed that she owning a new black mobile .. I guess it may be Windows phone .she bought New mobile I have to ask her party 😂😂😂😂😂😂

But she became thin buddy I'm not a doctor but due to dramatic climate changes everything going up & down. 

Girl don't know what to say how to say now my life is unpredictable I promise you that one day I will come for you 😍😍😍

She tied scarf & going to her office it's so hard to find a girl in scarf . I have to Zoom my eyes & I have to confirm my self yeah she's my girl but ok I will 

I still remember that powerful lovely eyes .Take care my girls lots of love hugs kisses for you .

24 still single God will give some boys all things  but for me everything will come even though it is late the result I waited for will be fruitful.  I wish that I'm waiting for you from a long time don't know how many times I cried , don't know how many times I missed you , don't know how many times I felt jealous by seeing other couples .

This match 6th I planned to go for a movie alone but suddenly I remembered the promise which I had promised to you.

Ok I'm not going 

Bye dude I love you & I will be waiting for you 💝💖💑💍💍


09:36 Am IST 

Pollution , pollution .. why we're destroying our mother earth with our hands .. it's like we ourselves poking our eye with our hand.

This is insane I don't know why people alone to I'm big big cars. Why don't they give lift to co passengers or there company employees . If he do so there are so many advantages first of all he will save money on fuel & next he will the great son saving mother earth from hazardous chemical gases emitting from Industries & vehicles .

Don't get confused why all.of.sudden I'm talking about pollution rather than my girl... you know there is a link between pollution & my girl...? Confused let me explain.

Because of growing air pollution my girl she's covering her self with scarf , it becaming so difficult to find out . Where is she ?? So my eyes doing a lot of hard work finding her . Today also she covered but somehow my eyes did a fabulous job finding her . Because of this pollution there are so many for advantages ..Save mother earth save my girl from pollution pray for me my love should come true ...

I don't know why I got her kk my mind unable to leave her .. God today she's so pretty in fact she's also a music lover like me.

I have two girl friends : First is she my Angel next comes music .. I know there are lot of mistakes in my blog sure I will overcome from all this .

Thank you for your time I appreciate that


09:37 Ist

Babe today morning I was listening to a song sung by Calvin & ellie - I need your love ...Lol even i also humming when track is playing that time you're going to your work place .. you know how you walk its like you don't want to our any pressure on mother earth , so delicately so smoothly you walk baby . It's like I just want to catch you in arms & I will walk  with you.

Babe don't know what gonna happen in future I promise that I will stick to you .No matter what will happen I won't leave you soon I will find your identity & soon you will find me beside of you .

Today you look fabulous in Blue Salwar dress seriously you're awesome girl .. what ever dress you wore , you will bring shine to the dress ..  what to say now its like I'm running out of words soon I will be back with new words. 

Thank you baby when I see you my day goes good , hope you're with me everyday then goodmay feel jealous  by seeing us.


Today is a Big day¡¡¡¡¡¡ I'm going to follow her now onwards . I will gather some information regarding her work place & most probably I will try to find her name. I don't know why this took so long..

I need some push up , but no one is there to encourage me . So I took some courage & long deep breath . Hope that my first mission will success .. I will keep updating ☺

June 02 2016

I know it's been a long time  i haven't updated anything my life turned to some dramatic changes over past month.. I have no idea what happen what happen..? BUT DONT BLAME Its my heart who took the decision fianlly & it's not listening to me .

Her name is Priya she Hailed from Pune to Hyderabad staying in Hyderabad since from 2014.  MAY 16 2016 i joined in a institute to learn software course i am getting bored my current job so i steered my vehicle to another way i have my vision so it's going smooth now ..

Everyday i am attending classes taking notes & doing Home work coming back to office that's my daily Job . One fine day i had seen her .. she's wearing scarf type chudhidhar on her neck & her teeth looks like she's Model for Happy Dent white chewing gum Ha ha 
That day my class will start @ 9:00   her class timings 8 to 9 so i am standing at my classs room & I am eagerly waiting to catch a chair back side of girls There are so many girls in institute  we boys were around 30 girls are like 50 i guess  just a guess thats it .. 

That day she's coming out of the class  My eyes catched her ... 

June 15 2016

Love won't workout for me ... Dont know why my class will end at 10:30 am i am ready & good to go unfortunately due to shy or Fear unable to face her .. & every time she will be with her friends just one minute is enough to propose her but i don't know when she will be alone ..  My friends will push me from back to propose her but i will apply break which results in no movement of my vehicle ..

she's sweet one of my friend he told me once that she's staring at me unfortunately me looking at my fucking phone there will be zero message zero calls no what s up messages but still i dont know what the fuck i am seeing in my mobile...

I pinged her to Fb messenger i guess it went to spam box no last seen nor no replies i googled about her how ever i got her e-mail ID i emailed her but still no reply & i dont know what i did more to grab her attention everything is falling apart   . tHERE'S no add friend option to her profile & i am unable like or comment on any of her posts ..
 Fuck she locked everything then what should i do more I will be attention whore  sure non on-wards God please help this poor kid once 

I am dropping off erasing all her memories pics everything if there's a little fate i will be back & update my blog till then Good bye to LOve No love  

 JUNE 16 2016

I Dont know why i am getting fear when she's beside me she's not any terrorisst or any murderer but you know what every night before going to bed i will prepare my self for tomorrow tasks like what to talk with her , How to steal her glances etc.. 

Next morning everything sucks today also happened same that's thrice for now continuously starting from Monday to thursday i am failing everytime she will go out with her friends . I am feeling shy or may be i am loosing confidence because of her friends 

You may think i am poor weak wrong stupid fucking etc yeah I am i am weak stupid fucking i treat my girl as rose she's like that only Whether she accepts or deny my request But she's cute No other girl in world Look traditional Hip hop Lol . But i had done a stupid thing like e-mailed her about class notes & i shared herr fb photos it look awkward i shouldn't have done that ..

She's so cute today her smile is enough to turn wild up side down   .. what if she became my love la la la lol dont know that will happen or not praying for the best .. I am addicted to  failures i am pretty sure this love story will also fail .. Some love stories will have sad ending & for some stories A Happy ending But for my love story there's no opening at all Lol where the fuck will be ending ... 

Thanks for your time Please pray for me Keep me in your thoughts & Daily prayers .. 


Yo Yo made my day ..

Today is final day (Actually me & she joined for a course in institute thaT's how i met her )  

Fortunately or unfortunately i dont know Today is the last day after that i need to stay more 45 days to complete the course . she done parallel  .. I am sad while bathing i decided not to talk with her & i warned my heart to delete everything her memories her pics etc...

I came to institute wantedly late ..  surprisingly she also came Lol but her two body guards missing (Her friends) she's alone now thats a good chance to go & meet her greet her but i stopped my self not to do that ... she's staring at me i tried to ignore but i failed in that i smiled few times but she turned her face to some other side   ..

She came iinside to class room with sad face shes looking for her first chair near to stage she always prefer first chair which is near to projector screen i prefer back there we can crack some silly fucking jokes ...

First time in her face she's missing something valuable don't know what it is  .... 

After few minutes her body guards arrived in rush as they're driving to hospital for emergency care they occupied first two chairs   ... My trainer came inside he dint started any class he asked us to give introduction .

She selected few people in that few people came they introduced them selves .. Then comes my girl all boys are staring at her only .. it's like i wnat to take AK-47 kill them all or throw a grenade on them Lol

She came on stage & started giving introduction her eyes staring at me i was like ahhh so sweet she's smiling & talking simple casual way .. Her dressing simple casual Some hip hop i guess no other boy thinks negative about her .. who thinks negative about angels none right ??

Her eyes staring at me for couple of minutes awww i thought like shekkar you made your day man .... Boys will stare at girl that's common but girls they will stare but they act like they're not  .. Today for first time we both exchanged eye contact she's smiling towards me in fact i leaned to wall & i also started smiling backside my friends shouting my name i scolded them you fuckers shout your mouth for a while .. i am enjoying that moment it is a priceless 

No Date Coz I forgotten the date Her Hairs covered my eyes  
If i dream something definitely it won't Happen .. The other day i prepared my self to club with her more  . Unfortunately her course has been finished she Joined before i joined after 2 weeks , that 2 weeks throw us apart . 
My trainer asked her a question regarding the subject she answered quickly better than google search results very Fast & My trainer created a project folder on her name & we people are viewing it on projector . Luckily i got her sur name it took me seconds to find her on FB previously there were millions of priya i googled a lot but nothingggggggg....
  I tried a lot to grab her attention on that day what to do Bad LUCK hidden  me somewhere far corner  i got her FB ID thanks thanks to Developers Search results displayed her name first .
She was like . she took a selfie she smiling like She was modeling for Happy Dent white Chewing Gum  . Lol , But she Looks damn cute aww i want to Hug her that moment.
To my suprise & To my Bad Luck Add Friend Option was Disabled ... Fuck now that moment i want to KILL Those developers who Invented Add Friend Disable Option   ..
I cant Like or Comment on any of her posts .. Privacy Privacy privacy 
Dont know what to do How can she knows that i am in love with her  .. I can't go directly & propose i am afraid of doing that any more options i asked one of my friend he's from punjab . He said dont go for social networks if you want to say anything or start any relation don't start that from virtual go from Real world . His words connected to my heart i felt it's Real .. she may ask how do you got my FB ID .. Some girls may appreciate Boy Hardwork , some may think he dont have any work other than this ..
3rd option is Smart Work :) I am a lazy person always look for option to solve it asap I solved my problem in finding about  her details with less hard work .. If you love her truly no need to hard work you will get everything one by one .. 

Her Memories hunting me still so No date 
 I researched about her a lot through my Punjabi Friend he has asked his Punjabi girl to help me . Finally she agreed to help me , she gathered some information i dont know whether it's true or not . She said She(My girl) already married . I was like what the fuck you talking??? Now she is not engaged nor married . Her face looks like teen girl it's like early Child marriage .

But my heart says  punjabi friend gave a wrong report on her . I asked him again & again they're saying the same thing . So one day i sat beside her on that she wore jeans & Yellow T shirt with Black sleeves she's my rockstar when it comes to dressing or everything none can replace her in terms of beauty or anything .

Slowly i dropped pen & i had seen her legs there are no registration documents to her toe. I mean according to our indian tradition if she's married she will keep some ring right ?? That's i call them as Registration documents Lol .. It means she is someone property luckily there are no ring to her toe ..

I took a long breath then i started talking with her normally  . She is hard worker she will give up everything until she done with tasks assigned to her . My trainer always praise her i feel happy but some boys they will start murmuring flirting her that i hate most . I want to punch them harder with my knuckleduster stab him to death . if anyone talk or see negative about my girl i am jealous possessive bf to her Lol 

 No date Still Because she left early

It was around 2 pm i am in office my friend he is institute called me 

"Shekkaru Where are you ??  

I told him i am in office .

He said Priya came to Institute come fast , wherever you're & he disconnected call..

I was blank don't know what to do now , mY office log out 7:00pm It's still  2 Pm i already used all my leaves . Fuck now dont know what to do . 

I got a brilliant idea i went to washroom & i put little make up like i am in hurry sprinkled  some water to face (In reality  it should like  sweat Lol ) I went to my manger with sad & sweat face  he greeted me .

Shekkaru what happen ?? Send me Daily status report i said him sure i will & he asked me why you're Lookig dull . I said Him my friend met with an accident just now near Banjara Hill's he immediately need O+ blood . How ever my blood group is same . I am in a rush please grant me half day leave . I will work extra 2 days if you want .. I told him some Blah blah lies Lol i am getting laugh when  i think about him..

He said ohhh really ok go if you want my Blood group is also same I laughed inside . Sure i will contact you if i need . i Greeted him again Thank you so much & left the office to see her But... 

  No date She's gone before i reached institute

With all my excitement i reached institute & i clicked a selfie to see am i looking or not lol I am just average medium boy i was ok after taht i started waiting for lift i dont wait for  lift i dont want to waste a single second no more i took steps finally i reached institute then my eyes started searching for her heart is beating very fast i may die also with anxiety i called my friends they dint answered my call . 

                  I contacted my lab instructor she said i dont know whether she came or not i just want to punch her seriously i angry now i dont know whether she's there or not my friends not answering call .... after few minutes i tried calling to him finally he answered he's not talking anything he was just silent .. i am  yelling at him loudly he came stood back of me silently he's silent now also i am  pleading him  tell me where is she ...? he said in a low tone that she went few minutes back .. i checked the ground floor & lane of my institute she's no where i was broken down into tears . Then my friend came & consoled me that i new how much you love her sometimes it happens god is checking whether your love is true or attraction...

I answered him if it's attraction there are so many but for me she's my angel man i am in love with her deeply i told lies to my manager to see her but she's gone i dont know again when she will be back . i dont have her contact no , i emailed her several times to her personal email  id  & to hangouts & to her social network's she's not giving any response ...

Forgotten me

I dont know where is she calls went unaswered no email replies she dint even added me on Facebook totally i am stranger now to her  .. it's paining she had seen my chat request but dint replied i dont know why girl s do like this one of my friend he consoled me she knows i am loving her but i dont want to force her .. I odnt want to go staright forward to propose her every relationship starts with friendship i want to start my relationship like this but it seems she's not interested let her go soon she will regret 

Awww today i made my day 

It's her my paradise girl i had seen wowwww I still can't believe its her or am I dreaming .... I went to Hitech city railway station to buy ticket after a long tired day Drake singing hotline bling playing in my music player I came out with ticket looking girls over there but seriously I'm not in a mood to see them ... 

Suddenly a girl my eyes catched her she went inside station to buy ticket I rewinded the moment again its her its her My paradise girl 😂😂😍😍 lol I dont know what to say I quickly followed her she stood in queue adjusting her hair she had seen me couple of times but she don't know me i know her from 1 year she buyed ticket but her eyes seeing me i was like awwwww its a priceless moment for me 

I wish i want to see her again & again she's not that type of girl for the first time I had seen her eyes seeing me She's beautiful oh god i guess God took special care in moulding her cheeks her pretty eyes awww I have no words left how beautiful she is today 😘😘😘